UNESCO “Office in Amman” Projects “Enhancing professional and accurate media on the electoral process in Jordan” Partners Community Media Network


Community Media Network



With a consistent experience in covering elections and training journalists and citizen journalists to cover electoral processes, CMN implemented many training programs for journalists from Jordan, Palestine, Libya, and Iraq on this matter. CMN also covered elections through its media outlet Radio Al-Balad and Ammannet news website. In addition, CMN has organized debates between candidates and created a citizen journalist’s network to cover universities elections, municipalities’ elections and parliamentary elections.

Community Media Network is a respected Jordanian media non for profit organization, well-known for being independent and professional.

The role of CMN is to train citizen journalists on multimedia coverage of elections in Amman and different governorates –Karak, Jordan Valley, Irbid and Zarqa-. The stories produced during the elections week would be upload at www.parliament.jo andwww.ammannet.net.