"Homeland and belief" .. and "Syrians among us": a new radio country


The program "Homeland and Belief", to be presented by Taghreed Al-Dughmi, will address the reality and rights of religious minorities in Jordan. The program is the second phase of a project on the reality of religious and ideological minorities after the completion of the first phase of the project, which was the preparation of a scientific study on the freedom of belief and the rights of unrecognized religious minorities in Jordan. Baha'is, Evangelists, Druze and not religious). The program, in addition to the country radio, is due to be broadcast on Yarmouk, Karak and South Voice radio stations. The program "Syria among us" deals with the affairs of the Syrian refugees in Jordan in terms of their social conditions and conditions of residence inside and outside the Zaatari camp, and the borders and responsibilities of the host country.